(Cleveland) - The first book related to the imprisonment of three women by Ariel Castro, and their escape is about ready to hit bookstores. So whose story is it?

The book "Dead Giveaway" is the story of Charles Ramsey, the man who got credit for helping to free Amanda Berry, her daughter, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight from Castro's Seymour Avenue home. It's a 165-page book from Cleveland publisher David Gray and Company. "Dead Giveaway" will be released on May 1, almost a year to the day in which Ramsey became a celebrity.

The Plain Dealer says that Ramsey wrote about how he broke down the door of his neighbors' house, right afte buying a Big Mac.

The book goes on to talk about how Ramsey dealt with the good and bad of his new found fame.

Knight is working on her own book to be released next month. Berry and DeJesus are collaborating on their own, to be published next year.

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