(Seville) - Who remembers riding a trolley in Cleveland?

The number of people who raised their hand is dwindling since the last Cleveland Transit System streetcar ran in 1954. The last regional trolley, the Shaker Rapid, ceased operations in 1960.

Now the last of the Cleveland streetcars have been sent to the Northern Ohio Railway Museum in Seville, Ohio, by the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority.

The museum's Steven Heister says three cars were delivered this week at a cost of $13,000. Heister says they've raised half that cost through fundraising, and hope to raise the rest.

As for the new cars? Heister says they're beautiful.

Heister says Cleveland Transit System Rapid Transit Car 109 was fully restored in 1990.

Cleveland Transit System Line Car 024 was built by CTS in 1960 from Shaker Heights Rapid Transit Car 17. 

But the real gem, according to Heister, is Shaker Heights Rapid Transit Car 12. He calls it Cleveland’s most recognized fantrip car. When the Shaker Rapid stopped using trolleys, Car 12 was spared for touring purposes and special events. It ran until 1990 when it was finally mothballed. 

All three cars have been stored at an RTA facility on Brookpark Road, but RTA needed the space and has donated the cars to the Northern Ohio Railway Museum.

So when can you see the cars? Heister says the museum is open Saturday through October and they'll be on special display this weekend.

 Click here for more pictures of the trolleys and their transporting!

RTA provided this video of Cleveland Transit System Line Car 024 being transported.

The Northern Ohio Railway Museum’s mission is to collect, preserve, restore, display, and operate streetcars and other electric railway equipment for the education and enjoyment of the public. The museum owns fifty acres of land in southern Medina County, including two miles of the former Cleveland and Southwestern interurban railroad.

At this site the Museum has built over a mile of track and three large buildings to house its collection of historic trolleys, interurbans, and rapid transit cars, most from the northern Ohio area.

Five pieces of the collection have been restored and others are currently being restored.

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