(Columbus) - Law enforcement officers around Ohio are noticing an increase in the number of people driving around with colored headlights. It's raising concerns about safety.

"There's no sense in having a green or purple or red or blue lights," said Sen. Jim Hughes. "You want it so it illuminates so that when we're seeing someone coming toward us or if you're driving the car naturally you can see. It's safety for you as well as other people on the road."

Hughes has introduced a bill that would only allow white headlights in Ohio. The Columbus Republican says the idea was brought to him by a Franklin County Sheriff's deputy.

"He was seeing an awful lot of problems out in the rural area with people having purple, yellow, green, red, or blue headlights," Hughes said.

He says the colored lights don't illuminate the roadway as well. There's an additional concern about the red or blue lights because Hughes worries they could be confused with law enforcement.

Hughes says there are other states that have a similar ban. New Orleans also outlaws colored headlights.

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