(North Canton) -- Banks across the country are facing a deadline of April 8. That's the day Microsoft will end tech support for its Windows XP operating system, which happens to be the system that runs an estimated 95% of bank ATMs.

Many of those ATMs are made by North Canton-based Diebold. Diebold spokeswoman Kelly Piero tells WTAM 1100 that even though Microsoft will no longer handle tech support for the operating system, this is nothing like Y2K, when there were fears that computers worldwide would crash. "The ATMs will still work, and will be very secure," says Piero.

Some experts are concerned about ATM security on machines that are not converted to newer operating systems. Piero says in most cases, the real security issues are not with the devices themselves, but with the systems to which they are connected. According to Piero, bank ATMs have very complex security systems.

This is not to say that Diebold is not encouraging its banking customers to switch over to newer operating systems. According to Piero, Diebold has a complete Windows 7 operating system ready for their ATMs, which she says can be transferred over very quickly.

Photo by Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images

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