(Cleveland) - Former Richmond Heights Schools Supt. Dr. Robert Moore and the district's former Director of Buildings, Richard Muse, have been sentenced to 12 months and 10 months in prison, respectively.  

Moore pleaded guilty three weeks ago to bribery and theft in office charges while Muse admitted his guilt the same day to theft in office and forgery.  The 52-year old Moore and 43-year old Muse were indicted February 28 following an investigation by the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department and and County Prosecutor's Office.  

Earlier that day, they accepted the second of two cash payments from the operator of an early childhood education center which rented space from the school district.  Moore and Muse threatened to terminate the lease unless they received the payments.  

The pair was also named in a superceding indictment March 26.  The new indictment amended the initial theft in office charge against Moore to include his use of district funds to pay for Muse to accompany him on a business trip to Columbus.  

The indictment also charged Muse with having forged professional training certifications when he applied for his job with the school district.

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