(Cleveland) -Gas prices are on a downward trend...ClevelandGasPrices.com shows a gallon of unleaded going for $3.01 at at least one station this morning! A number of stations are selling below $3.10 a gallon.

We're averaging $3.23 compared to $3.32 last week.

Statewide, prices are also down 11 cents, $3.23 today versus $3.34 a week ago, according to triple a's fuel gauge report. In Kent, at least one station was selling at $2.99

Greg Laskoski, senior petroleum analyst with ClevelandGasPrices.com, says the U.S. well on its way toward energy autonomy.

According to Laskoski, we exported more oil last year than we imported. That, combined with the ability to get fuel from Canada and Mexico, put us in a good position with regards to the international oil markets.

But Laskoski says to truly make it on our own; we're going to have to invest in the infrastructure to move that fuel around. Like buying a new car, he says, it's a big expense at the outset but over the long run it's cost-effective.

And Laskoski calls the future for CNG, or compressed natural gas cars, "tremendous".

Again, though, he says it won't happen without an infrastructure to make it easy for people to refill.

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