(Cleveland) - Movie crews have returned to the Northcoast. Filming for the new flick “Criminal Activities” starring John Travolta started today.

Police blocked off the intersection of East 12th and Chester near the center of downtown for a street scene involving pedestrians and a bus. There were several dozen extras involved.

Downtowners watched as the scene was shot numerous times from different angles. Many of the extras said they had performed in other films shot in Cleveland in recent years.

Diana of Parma explained that it can be very tedious work. but she also maintained it’s a lot of fun, to watch a movie and see yourself walking down the street, close to the action.

Producers Micah Sparks and Howard Burd.

The producers of the movie say they love filming in Cleveland. Micah Sparks praises the professionalism of the extras here. Howard Burd says the Greater Cleveland Film Commission has rolled out the red carpet for this team making this a pleasurable experience.

Travolta is expected to arrive in Cleveland within several weeks to film his scenes.

The movie is about 4 young guys who have to kidnap someone to pay off a loan shark.

Filming will require a number of road closures around the city through the end of June. The people behind the motion picture promise no road is scheduled to be closed for more than about eight hours.

That’s welcome news for commuters who complained about gridlock last summer during the filming of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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