(Cleveland) - Republican leaders are suggesting that Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald is spending too much time on the campaign trail, and not enough time tending to county business.

In a press conference at Cuyahoga County Republican Party headquarters, Chairman Rob Frost accused FitzGerald of not showing up for his day job, and demanded that the executive hand over swipe card data so that taxpayers will know how much county work he is doing for his $175,000 a year salary.

Ohio Republican Party Chairman Matt Borges criticized Cuyahoga County Inspector General Nailah Byrd for refusing to release public records about FitzGerald, and demanded that she resign her position for not acting in an independent manner.

Borges claims Byrd spent 57 hours of her work time, raising money for the FitzGerald campaign for governor, and believes the campaign should reimburse the county for $3,653.


Matt Borges and Rob Frost at Cuyahoga County GOP headquarters.

Borges maintains that FitzGerald is living by a double standard, talking about the importance of transparency, while suppressing public records.

A spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party contends the Republicans are just playing politics.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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