(Cleveland) - Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and Cleveland Hopkins Airport Director Ricky Smith, Monday, addressed the departure of United Airline's hub at Hopkins Airport.

The airline announced Saturday it will eliminate 64% of its' flights at Hopkins, most of those are regional routes.  Those changes will start to be made in April.  

Mayor Jackson says he is not surprised at United's decision to drastically cut its' service at Hopkins although Jackson admits it is dissappointing news.  470 jobs will be lost as a result.  

The cuts equate into an 8.3% loss of passenger capacity at Hopkins. Director Smith says they are implementing a strategy to fill the void left by United.

Smith says they will talk about expansion of services with existing airlines at CLE, talks he calls the 'low hanging fruit.'  

Smith says they will also engage in talks with other carriers which would have previously inhabited Hopkins Airport, if not for United's presence.  

The city is also asking Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine to look into Cleveland's agreement with United to determine whether any part of it may have been breached, calling it the 'prudent' thing to do.

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