(Independence) --The Cavs' No.1 draft pick says his personal expectations are as high as what the team believes he can attain.

At a news conference in Independence on Friday, the team introduced Andrew Wiggins,  the small forward out of Kansas.  He was the first choice in the NBA draft. 

The 19-year-old has some lofty goals---he wants to be rookie of the year and make the All-Star team---something that pleases new Cavs Coach David Blatt.

Wiggins says he wants to create an impact right off the bat, but also to be a good teammate and good part of the organization.

Coach Blatt says they didn't bring Andrew in for just a year, but that he'll be a career player.

Fans at the Cavaliers Draft Party Thursday counted down to the number one pick and they let out a loud cheer of Yes, Yes, Yes as the pick for Andrew Wiggins was made. There was nothing but loud cheers and all the fans we talked to agree that he's the best fit for the Cavs.

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