(Cleveland) - It's back to school time, meaning it's time to buy your child's supplies. Books. Pens and pencils. Paper. Clothes. Protection from a .44 Magnum.

In the wake of the school shootings at places like Chardon High School and Sandy Hook Elementary, a company based in Cleveland's Collinwood neighborhood is offering for sale a bulletproof insert that you can put in a child's backpack, or a larger one that acts as a white board.

Rob Slattery of Impact Armor Technologies says the backpack inserts cost a little over $100 each, depending on the size, with the idea that they'll slip into the inside of a child's backpack, protecting the trunk of their body from a stabbing, or the bullet from a handgun up to the caliber of a .44 Magnum.

Slattery tells WTAM that the material is the same as what is used in bulletproof products used by police and the military.

He says they're not trying to prey on the fears of parents, and says, "we're not saying this is a solution, this is an option." Slattery says when there is a threat, people will flee from it, and as you're running away, "this would protect the trunk of your body."

According to Slattery, Impact Armor came up with the idea for the backpacks before the mass school shootings of recent years, but admits they started a major marketing pitch earlier this year.

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