(Cleveland) - The newly-built Columbus Road bridge in the flats has been put together near the Carter Road lift bridge.

Today, the new bridge is being taken on a barge down the river to Columbus Road, where the work begins to put the bridge in place.

Today's floating of the bridge down the river took a lot of choreography between contractors and the coast guard, mainly since the river has to be closed until the new bridge is in place, and that will take many weeks to do.

The new Columbus Road lift bridge is today being put on a barge from where it was put together, and it's being floated to its final site.

After the bridge deck arrives, it will be attached to the supporting towers, and eventually will be open to traffic... something that should happen in October.

The new bridge replaces one that was built in 1940, but the first bridge on that site was opened to traffic in 1836.

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Photo Credit -- WTAM

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