(Cleveland) - Browns coach Mike Pettine and Indians manager Terry Francona were the guests of honor at the inaugural “Breakfast with the Coaches” presented by the Positive Coaching Alliance of Cleveland. The event has held at FirstEnergy Stadium.

Francona admits his team is in a slump, but he says the key to success is staying positive.

The Tribe skipper says after every loss they stay at the ballpark, analyze the game, talk out their problems, and return the next day to play with a positive attitude. He admits, it’s fun trying to figure out ways to get the team back on the right track.

Pettine says he realizes that he’s taking over a team that has not won a championship since 1964, and that many fans are demoralized, and desperate for a winning season.


Matt Underwood with Mike Pettine and Terry Francona.

Pettine reports he has instructed his players to concentrate on how special it will be when the Browns finally become a competitive organization again, and not to think of the team’s many loses over the past few years.

Even though football is big business, Pettine contends it still remains a kid’s game, and he’s urging his men to go out on the field and have a good time.

(Photos by Ken Robinson/WTAM)

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