(Cleveland) - The federal gas tax needs to be increased. 

At least that's the opinion of Joe Roman, president of the Greater Cleveland Partnership. Roman was on with WTAM 1100's 'Wills and Snyder’ Tuesday and said infrastructure is suffering as a result.

Roman says there has been no increase in the federal gas tax in 20 years, and he says such a hike is the fairest way to pay for improvements to the nation's roads and highway systems.

Roman says if trucks can’t move goods because of a crumbling infrastructure, our economy will cease to function.

Roman says the leasing of the Ohio Turnpike by the state is helping the highway system in the state. Funds will be used to build or reconstruct other highways and roads throughout the northern half of the Buckeye State.

The Innerbelt Bridge construction and 'Opportunity Corridor' are among the local projects benefiting by the leasing of the state's toll road.

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