(Cleveland) -- A woman will have to spend the next 30 Sundays in jail and will be on probation for five years for animal abuse charges.

Tamara Johnson was sentenced Wednesday by Municipal Court Judge Ronald Adrine to 180 days, but he suspended 150 of those, and told Johnson she'd have to serve the remaining 30 days on consecutive Sundays.

Johnson, 35, had entered a plea of no contest to charges of abandoning animals and cruelty after her dog was found chained up and emaciated at her former home in Cleveland. Before the no contest plea, Johnson was about to be the first person tried in Cleveland Municipal Court for animal abandonment.

Prosecutors and animal control officers say the dog, a female mixed breed, was found chained outside, two months after Johnson had moved away.

As part of her sentence, Johnson will also have to pay restitution of $1,684.70 to an animal rights organization called Badges for Bullies, which is an organization founded by police officers that helps deal with abandoned dogs, and ones used in illegal dog fights. While Johnson is on probation, she will not be allowed to own or possess a pet.

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