(Cleveland) - It's a dilemma faced by Cleveland Indians fans who are also practicing Catholics: what do you do when the home opener falls on a Friday during Lent? Well, the Cleveland Indians are stepping up to the plate to help.

Since practicing Catholics should not eat meat on Lenten Fridays, hot dogs are out. Problem is, hot dogs are part of the ballpark experience.

Indians management has taken care of that. Joel Hammond of the team's front office says veggie dogs -- which are also a favorite for vegetarians and vegans -- are available in sections 162 and 541.

Specifically for Catholics, the Indians are also selling fish sandwiches on Lenten Fridays. Hammond says you'll find those in sections 102, 152, 164 and 562.

Other meatless foods available at Progressive Field include salads, nachos and cheese pizza.

The bishop of the Cleveland Diocese, Richard Lennon, has decided to not grant a dispensation for Catholics attending opening day. Diocese spokesman Bob Tayek tells WTAM 1100 that the observance of Lent essentially trumps the celebration of the home opener, so Catholics are asked to continue their abstention from eating meat at the home opener.

Tayek says the bishop was asked the question a couple of weeks ago, and the bishop's response on Twitter was, "No dispensation will be given for hot dogs #trythefish."

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