(Downtown) - Cleveland has become Hollywood as work begins on the new Captain American film.

Because of movie making, there are some temporary road closures and alternate routes downtown. Rockwell, from East 9th, to East 4th was blocked off this weekend.

Film crew members can be seen walking about preparing the area for fliming. There are large trailers, booms and other equipment in place. Security is there director traffic and pedestrians away from those blocks.

Among those checking out the scene were two visitors from Santiago, Chile, who told Newsradio WTAM 1100 that they visited the site to see if there were any stars, and if they could be paid extras. Security asked to the leave the area.

The production company is paying for additional police officers and traffic controllers to supplement the standard traffic detail for rush hours, special events and routine travel and to ensure that the coordinated effort is effectively assisting traffic flow.

Primary among the road closures and alternate routes will be Cleveland's West Shoreway, which will be closed (east and west bound) from Lake Avenue to E. 9th Street from May 30th through June 14th.

Edgewater Park and the marinas north of the Shoreway will be accessed via West 49th St. Vehicles exiting Edgewater Park and the marinas will be directed out through the closed Westbound lanes of the Shoreway back to West 49th Street.

Other street closures and re-routing will occur in Downtown Cleveland, primarily between May 19th and June 14th. Additional closures may occur between June 14th and June 28th.

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(Photos by WTAM's Ken Robinson)

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