(Gahanna) - It's a video a central Ohio man probably wants to forget, but the dash cam video from a Gahanna Police cruiser is going viral online.

Dale Bentley was driving through Gahanna Sunday when police noticed him speeding and pulled him over. At first he didn't want to pull to the side of the road, but did eventually stop. It's what happened when officers asked him to step out of the vehicle that has led to his 15 minutes of internet fame.

The video shows Bentley being put through a series of sobriety tests. He's seen laughing with officers on the video and making jokes about women he met at a bar earlier in the night.

Bentley then started dancing after he appeared to have failed one of the tests.

He's been charged with OVI, failure to comply with a police officer and speeding. Bentley pleaded not guilty during an initial court appearance on Thusday. He's due back in court on September 5th.

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