(Cleveland) - Adults in Cuyahoga County drink more alcoholic beverages than their counterparts across Ohio and the United States.

And a study by the hospital group 'Center for Health Affairs' shows that 42% of people who drink in our county are binge drinkers.

Binge drinking is classified as five drinks for a male at one sitting and four drinks for a female.

Richard Stacklin, a researcher with the Cuyahoga County Board of Health, says there are a variety of reasons people 18 and up in the county drink more than folks in Ohio cities and across the country.

Stacklin cites the drab winter weather, the economy and other social fears that may lead people to drink more.

Stacklin says it's a way for folks to "get away and indulge in something other than the real world that they are living in right now."

Those with the largest number of binge drinkers across the country are 18 to 34 year olds.

But get this…the age group which binge drank most often was people 65 and up.

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