UPDATE:  Negotiators for the two sides called it a night, after more than 10 hours of talks in the federal mediators office, Thursday.  SEA reports they will be back at the bargaining table Friday at 1 p.m.

(Strongsville) - Strongsville students say they plan to hold a rally at the gazebo in Strongsville's town square, Friday, if negotiators for the Strongsville City Schools Board of Education and the Strongsville Education Association do not come to terms on a new contract by the end of the week.

Thursday night, students, parents and concerned citizens crowded onto the sidewalk outside the Board of Education offices on Pearl Road, holding candles.  They called it a vigil of hope, that the strike would end.

Teachers have been on strike for one month.  

The School District has issued a release about how third quarter grades will be reported:

Strongsville City Schools will take an extra week to ensure accurate reporting of student progress in third quarter report cards.  School administrators will oversee all grades entered for the third quarter, according to John Krupinski, superintendent.

“We wish our teachers had not chosen to strike, but since they did we must make provisions that are both fair and reflective of the education our students received throughout the entire third quarter,” said Krupinski. “The approaches we are taking are in keeping with Board of Education policy. We are approaching kindergarten through grade 8 report cards differently from those issued to high school students.”

Kindergarten Through Grade 8: “Third quarter report cards for grades 1 through 8, and progress reports for preschool through grade 8 for students on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) will be distributed April 12,” said Krupinski.

“Interim kindergarten grades will be available electronically and based on work completed by March 1,” stated Krupinski. “The assessment of student attainment of standards for first grade will be based on work completed throughout the entire third quarter. The assessment of student attainment of standards for grades 2 through 6 will be based on work completed by March 1, while the awarding of grades will be based on work completed throughout the entire third quarter.”

“Specials and elective courses which were not taught, or not significantly taught March 4 through 22, will be assigned a report card grade based on work completed by March 1,” said Krupinski. “Grades that need to be entered for the third quarter, once the teachers strike has ended, can be entered by the teacher and an updated report card can be requested by parents.”

High School: Grades 9 Through 12: “Strongsville High School administrators are overcoming issues in ensuring the accurate reporting of third quarter grades due to the fact that many classroom assignments and makeup work turned in prior to March 1 has not been entered into the PASS grade book by teachers,” Krupinski pointed out.

“To ensure there is an accurate reporting of student attainment of standards, third quarter grades will remain on hold with all students receiving a temporary 'incomplete' for all classes taken during the third quarter. We will distribute updated third quarter report cards to all students once the teachers are back in the classroom or third quarter grade books can properly be updated. Progress reports for grades 9 through 12 for students on an IEP will be distributed April 12.”

“We have researched and considered all available options. We have determined at the high school and district level that this course of action will be in the best interest of our students while adhering to board policy,” added Krupinski.

“Kindergarten through grade 12 students will not be penalized due to the strike, and their grades will either stay the same or improve when compared to grades earned through March 1,” Krupinski said. “This is a fair approach to scholastic recordkeeping in our school district for the third quarter grading period.”

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