(Oakwood Village) -- All the rain of the past week has been your garden's best friend, and also will keep down your water bill.

Noelle Akin of Oakwood Village-based Petitti Garden Centers tells WTAM 1100 that your garden needs at least one inch of rain per week to thrive, and the rainfall pattern has taken care of that. She also says the rain is coming down gradually enough that it's soaking into the soil, thoroughly soaking plant roots.

As long as there is rain a couple of times a week, Akin says you can "Shut off the sprinkers and not run the irrigation, and that takes care of your water bill for you, too."

The only serious problem Akin sees from all the rain is the chance of fungal diseases caused by the moisture and lack of sun. To that end, she suggests trimming back plants so those affected can get better air circulation.

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