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(Cleveland) - Missing girls Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus have been found alive in a Cleveland home, along with a third missing woman, Michelle Knight. 

Cleveland Police found them in a home at 2207 Seymour Ave. A huge crowd of people gathered quickly as word got out.

Berry has been missing since 2003 and DeJesus since 2004. Knight, now 32, has been missing since 2002.  She would have already been an adult when she disappeared.

All three have been taken to MetroHealth for examination. Dr. Gerald Maloney says the women are all safe and in fair condition. Dr. Maloney says they are being evaluated by specialists to see what care they may need. 

On Monday night neighbors crowded around  Seymour Avenue which had been blocked by Cleveland Police and FBI agents.  There was a sense of relief Monday night. "I prayed for a miracle, and today we have a miracle" said Connie, who had lived a couple streets down from 2207 Seymour for 20 years.

Another neighbor organized vigils for Gina and Amanda for the past 10 years, and said she was overcome with joy and sorrow that Amanda's mother, Louwana, who passed away from illness several years ago didn't get a chance to know her daughter was alive.

Berry escaped and called 911 Monday afternoon. She also told the 911 dispatcher that she was the girl who'd been in the news for ten years. 

(Amanda Berry (center) in a photo provided to WTAM 1100 by a family member)

A 52-year-old man has been detained and police say they will hold a press conference Tuesday morning. In her 911 call, Berry identified him as Ariel Castro, an Hispanic male.

Deputy Chief Ed Tomba also says two of the suspect's brothers are in custody.

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