(Cleveland) – Most of the foreign media is packing up to leave Cleveland Monday. Reporters from around the globe descended on northeast Ohio to cover the so called “Miracle In Cleveland”.

Many of the foreign reporters we spoke to say they still have major questions about the case.

Italian reporter Liliana Faccioli wonders how Ariel Castro was able to commit his crimes undetected for 10 years in a busy urban area.

Faccioli also feels the police dispatcher did a terrible job in taking Amanda Berry's call for help.

French TV reporter Matthew Coache says his audience wants to see inside the house where the three girls were kept for 10 years. His viewers can't understand why police never suspected Castro because he had a violent past.

Coache says he is trying to be objective, and is making it clear that this case is not a reflection of Cleveland or America as a whole.

The reporters, anchors and show hosts of Newsradio WTAM 1100 have done more than 200 interviews around the nation and around world. They have fielded calls from places such as Ireland, England, New Zealand and Australia.

The interest has been even more intense in the United States and Canada.

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