(Cleveland) – When we spoke with Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald earlier this week, we asked if there were any updates about a possible run for governor. FitzGerald told us he’d have something to say “very soon”.

We have now circled next Wednesday on our calendar.

An announcement on his exploratory campaign’s website asks supporters to: “Join Ed for a Special Announcement on Wednesday, April 24th in Cleveland, Columbus or Cincinnati.”

According to the notice, he’ll start at the Cleveland Hilton Garden Inn Downtown at 12:30 PM. FitzGerald will be in Columbus at 3:30 p.m. and then Cincinnati at 7:00 p.m.

FitzGerald announced the formation of an exploratory committee in March to run for Governor in 2014. In a video, FitzGerald said, “I’m beginning a conversation with you, the people of Ohio.”

FitzGerald touts his credentials as an FBI special agent, an Assistant County Prosecutor, the Mayor of Lakewood and Cuyahoga County’s first County Executive.

“When I started my career I took an oath to serve the public - to put you first. As a special agent with the FBI, I helped put crime bosses and corrupt politicians behind bars,” said FitzGerald. “Now as County Executive, I dismantled a corrupt political patronage machine that was choking my county and holding us back.”

FitzGerald criticized the Kasich administration’s record of what he calls “gutting funding to communities and plans to raise taxes on middle class families.” No other Democrat has indicated an interest in running against Gov. John Kasich.

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