(Cleveland) - 11 Cleveland Shared Security Surveillance (CS3) cameras will be installed in Ward 10.

Mayor Frank Jackson and Councilman Eugene Miller will officially announce the installation this afternoon.

The City of Cleveland Department of Public Safety created the CS3 program in 2007 to provide police officers and first responders with a shared security presence and enhanced officer awareness through a high-speed wireless network with video surveillance cameras.

Councilman Eugene Miller fought the bring cameras to the neighborhoods to fight crime. They have been operating downtown for quite some time. Mayor Frank Jackson says new traffic cameras will be upgraded to record video.

Local businessman Jay Reed suports the cameras and believes they will make neighborhoods safer.

The cameras can also be used for large pre-planned events and to record vital information on the scene of an incident.

From the initial Public Square pilot, the city says Cleveland’s wireless video surveillance network has continued to evolve and grow.

Mayor Frank Jackson, businessman Jay Reed, Councilman Eugene Miller.

Cleveland currently has 49 cameras in the downtown area including the Gateway Complex and Key Plaza. A growing number of cameras have also been provided by local organizations and businesses tying into the City’s network.

The 11 cameras in Ward 10 will be installed at the following locations:

• St. Clair Avenue and E. 144th Street

• St. Clair Avenue and E. 141th Street

• St. Clair Avenue and Hayden Avenue

• St. Clair Avenue and E. 140th Street

• St. Clair Avenue and E. 125th Street

• Euclid Avenue and Ivanhoe Street

• Euclid Avenue and Haldane Road

• Euclid Avenue and Cliffview Road

• Euclid Avenue and Catalpa Road

• Duggan Park (TBD)

• Groton Park (TBD) 

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