(Rocky River) – Chris Perez’s legal woes were not settled Tuesday.

The Indians closer and his wife Melanie were in Rocky River Municipal Court to answer to drug charges. The case was continued to September 3.

The couple was charged after police intercepted a pot delivery to their home on Parklane Drive in Rocky River last month.

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The evidence, examined by BCI, was marijuana with a total weight of 163.9 grams.

This all started on Saturday, June 1, when a Supervisor at the Rocky River Post Office contacted the U.S. Postal Inspection Service Cleveland Field Office regarding parcels that smelled of marijuana.

According to a report by U.S. Postal Marc Kudley, the packages were addressed to a Brody Baum who was not listed at the mailing address on Parklane Avenue. The Supervisor stated an individual by the name of Chris Perez resides at the delivery address.

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The U.S. Postal Service did not deliver the parcels and held them for the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

On Monday, Kudley identified them as suspect drug parcels based on a number of characteristics. A narcotics dog also gave a positive alert.

Kudley says a warrant was issued and an inspection found approximately 6.2 ounces of suspect marijuana concealed in four separate zip lock bags, two plastic zip lock containers and wrapped in a shirt. The zip locks bags were greased in Vaseline.

On June 4, investigators from the U.S. Postal Inspection Service and the Western Enforcement Bureau conducted a controlled delivery of the subject parcels to 19850 Parklane Rd. in Rocky River.

Melanie Perez advised the addressee name was good and stated the parcels were for the dog, which was named "Brody." Melanie Perez instructed Kudley to place the subject parcels on the front porch.

Several minutes later, Kudley observed an individual identified as Chris Perez arrived at the delivery in a black Audi convertible. Several minutes later, investigators observed Chris and Melanie Perez enter the Audi and subsequently travel toward Lakewood.

After a few hours they had not returned and Kudley says it was decided that a search warrant should be executed at the home. 

According to the Rocky River police report, a babysitter was at the house with the couple's two children when authorities arrived with the warrabt. Chris and Melanie Perez arrived home a short time later.

Two white United States Postal Service mailing boxes were found outside near the basement patio. According to the police report, numerous drug paraphernalia items and suspected marijuana were also found, photographed, bagged and seized. According to Officer Kenneth Thompson:

While I was photographing the evidence, Chris Perez was escorted by officers into the basement. I heard Chris Perez voluntarily state that all the paraphernalia and suspected marijuana was his and is for his personal use. Chris Perez opened a cabinet drawer pointing out a round metal grinder as being his also. All items were documented then transferred to WEB SAIC Capretto as evidence.

  Read the Rocky River Police Report

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