Sometimes the best way to get the crowd on their feet is to simply put a little distance between your own feet and the ground. History has shown us that this phenomena works especially well on the basketball court. Particularly when you elevate so far above the rim that you're actually looking down on it. Still, words probably can't begin to describe the sheer awe that those sitting in Ocala Gymnasium must have experienced when they witnessed Javonte Douglas' dunk up close and personal.

Squaring off against Pasco-Hernando on Nov. 2 the 6-foot-7 College of Central Florida small forward crashed the offensive boards to retrieve a Chris Bryant miss — that was still about 12 feet in the air — and slammed the ball one-handed over two helpless defenders cowering much closer to sea level. It probably falls into the category of a you-need-to-see-it-to-believe-it moment, but even some of the fans seemed to be in utter disbelief as they processed what they'd seen for a good moment before rising to their feet. Not a bad way for the Patriots to open the regular season at home.

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