Michigan workers who exercise their right to opt-out of union membership are publicly scolded for their disloyalty by Operating Engineers Local 324, which publishes their names and places of employment in a quarterly “Freeloaders List.”

Michigan became the 24th right-to-work state in 2012, granting workers the option to quit union membership and cease paying dues. Many workers who either don’t feel adequately represented or disagree with their union’s liberal politics made the choice to quit.

But at least one union, Local 324, has responded by publishing the names of those who left the union in its quarterly report. The implication of the “Freeloaders List” is that workers who exercised their legal rights not to be affiliated with the union are somehow traitors. The list includes 19 names.

The Daily Caller published a redacted version of the list. The actual list, as it appears in the Local 324 publication, is not redacted.

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